Admission Processing

Admission processing into over a hundred (100) high ranking schools in CANADA, USA, UK and EUROPE.

Basic requirements:

  1. Academic Transcripts and Results from high school or university attended.
  2. Three (3) Copies each of Testimonials and Certificates.
  3. TOEFL score.
  4. SAT/GRE/GMAT score (Any, depending on the course/program of your interest).
  5. Three (3) Photocopies of Birth Certificate.
  6. Eight (8) Passport Photographs.
  7. Three (3) Original copies of Statement of account of sponsor and cover letter explaining the Naira equivalent in dollars.
  8. N150,000 for admission placement/processing (3 schools) – undergraduate  students.
  9. N200,000 for admission placement/processing (3 schools) – graduate students.
  10. WAEC/NECO scratch card (Only undergraduate students).
  11. Three (3) letters of recommendation.
  12. Medical Clearance (Where applicable).
  13. Statement of Purpose/Personal Essay

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